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Everyone Wants To Be Top Of Google

As there are only 10 positions on the first page of Google, it is impossible to guarantee placement. Without an unlimited budget, no-one can guarantee you a top ranking on any search engine. As long as your website is not mis-leading and the basic coding and metatags are in place, google will find you. So the next time you get a phone call and someone tells you that if you pay them a lot of money, they can get you higher than the market leaders in your area who have millions in the bank and their own website and SEO team, don't be fooled. Get it done right first time and tweek a few words now and again and the search engines will find you naturally, or organically as they prefer to call it these days.

Search Engine Optimisation In Scarborough

Optimise Your Website Content To Give It a BOOST!

If your site is not performing as well as it should, try our fixed price assessment and On-Site Search Engine Optimisation.

We carry out basic search engine optimisation using coding and tags with every new website

We also offer a more sophisticated and comprehensive SEO service, as and when needed.


One Page On-Site Search Engine Optimisation £40

Three Pages On-Site Search Engine Optimisation £100

Five Pages On-Site Search Engine Optimisation £140

Six Pages or more £20 per page

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